I just made a list of the things I need to get done tomorrow, and it’s staggeringly long … And that’s just the crap to be taken care of at school! The list includes:

  • finding my backup copy of my CV since it was lost in my recent computer crash and the backup thumb-drive is hiding
  • printing out a bunch of forms – I’ll do the filling-in and sending-off part later, thankyouverymuch, the printing is all I can handle tomorrow
  • finishing off an assignment I just got tonight that is due by noon tomorrow for a class that – oh, yeah! – I haven’t been to yet because I’ve been on jury duty, that’s gonna go great
  • getting a TB test (scratch that, it can’t be read over the weekend. Shit)
  • setting up an appointment for a physical after I get that TB test read
  • Turning in a form and getting a new glamour shot (i.e. ID badge photo)
  • Turning in an evaluation (which I rocked! Uh huh, Uh huh)
  • Getting myself some petty cash (i.e. finally getting back that $40 that’s been due to me since, oh, January)



In addition, this is actually, you know, school, so I will also be:

  • teaching one of my mentees the not-broad-at-all topics of “the entire physical exam” and, oh yeah, a simple review of written and oral presentations (in an hour. heh.)
  • teaching another one how to properly use her otoscope and fundoscope (yeah, MUCH better and within scope)
  • attending my course for the first time (and handing in that assignment I have still to do)


Sigh. It’s going to be a busy day.

And that’s just from 10am-4pm (or so). On the home front, I’ve got all that form-filling-out stuff to do, as well as the usual list of chores, which for tomorrow looks like:

  • groceries (the uptown store has waaaaay better prices than anything near our apartment, so I try to do this when I’m up there and coming home at a reasonable hour)
  • organization – today was pillow day (made/re-covered 3 pillows and 2 stools), tomorrow is going to be 1) going to the hardware store for proper supplies day (I need tiny screws and some L-brackets to fix some drawers) and 2) get your papers organized day, as damn! it’s been a month since we moved to this apartment, and I’m still scrambling on this one…
  • then, of course, there is the inevitable “what’s for dinner?” and actual cooking of whatever decision I make…


Of course, with all this to do… What am I doing now? Sitting here. Writing. Planning to move to the couch soon, to sit some more. Reading. I also plan to eat a cookie. (Yum)


I need to be over it by tomorrow, but for tonight, I’ll continue to enjoy.