Reading this post got me to thinking today… about my “parenting style”

I’ll just say right up front: I don’t have one. Yet. (Since I’m not a parent. Yet.)

What I do have, of course, is a plan… And we all know how those go. But anyways, just to lay it out, so I can look back later and laugh and laugh and laugh:

I plan to do what is best for me and for my baby, whatever that may be.

I plan to figure that out as we go along, and try not to fall into the trap of one dogma or another -rather, to take what works from wherever is comes from, and use it. Or not, if it doesn’t work for me.

I plan to ask for advice from everyone around, listen carefully, and then use what works – and ignore what doesn’t.

I also plan to ask for help from whomever is offering (and this one might just be the toughest, as I am sooooo bad at asking for help… But I know I am going to need it, and so I know I must make the conscious effort to do this!)

Oh, but specifics?

I don’t actually have a lot of those…

I plan to try to breastfeed, and to do it for as long as possible, if it works for me and my baby (but NOT until Kindergarten, you can be sure of that!)

I plan to go back to work (or rather, to start work, since baby arrives nicely packed in between graduation and starting the rest of my career) after 6-8 weeks (depends more on when baby arrives, and less on start date of work) … And then manage life one day at a time, seeing what works best for us.

I plan to pump at work, should I still be breastfeeding (and I do really hope I am…) – and I plan to stick up for my right to do this!

I plan to try both disposable and cloth diapers, and again, see what works best for us (and this may depend on daycare, as well…)

I plan for baby to sleep in our room (but not in our bed) for 3-4 months … but I’m willing to be flexible.

I plan to try to sleep-train baby as early as possible, just for my own sanity.

I plan to read to my baby as much as possible, since this is something I enjoy myself so much.

I plan to try to work out as soon as I am given leave to – and to use this time effectively as some “alone time” but also, conversely, as time to share with our first baby (the puppy)

I plan to get outside as much as I can

I plan to try to meet other moms in the area, and make friends with them (this is more of a hope…)

And most of all, I plan to (try to) not stress out. To not worry about the choices I am making. To trust that they are the right ones, for me.

Oh, and I also plan to try not to judge others for the choices they make. At least, not out loud.