I woke up yesterday morning at 7am – a full hour later than I am used to, given the *LOVELY* carpal tunnel that I’ve developed and which is in the habit of waking me up to numb/painful hands every 2 hours or so all night long – and took the puppy for a nice morning walk. When we got home, he shot back into bed with the husband, while I checked email and played on the computer. Also had hand-delivered to me via our fantastic doorman some beautiful orchids courtesy of my little sis, who I’m pretty sure is the best baby sister in the world.

A bit later, I was ready to start the day, so I waddled (OK, I’m not quite to that stage yet… but I certainly walked slower than usual) to the subway and from there to the store, to stock up on some of the weekly sale items. Shuffled home to a husband and puppy who had just recently awoken (at 11am – I don’t think I could sleep in that late no matter how hard I tried!)

Took a nice little breather with a ice-cold drink and a good book on the couch while the pup kept my feet warm and the husband went on a run to enjoy the weather.

Once he was home, we ventured out once more to attend to some more errands, then back to the apartment for some lunch.

Tried to call the parents, but they were out (what – parents can have a life, too?!?! Gotta remember that!)

Took the pup back out to enjoy the sun, but there were a few too many other people and dogs attempting the same thing, and a few too few benches in the sun.

Home again for a quick nap, then some more reading. Also some cookie-baking (peanut butter… Not quite as good as the lemon ones I made the other day)

Finally reached the husband’s parents, then out for another walk with the pups (my chosen form of exercise these days) and a chat with my mom (who, in fact, could not chat, as she was about to enjoy a lovely steak dinner. Hmph)

Next up was dinner – no cooking for me today, thanks anyways. The husband picked up a few things as did I (wanted to make sure I got exactly what I wanted, no swiss cheese for me, nope, never) – YUM!

Back to lounging and reading, and after awhile, off to bed.


All in all, not that exciting a day. Nothing special (except the purty flowers). And yet… it was perfect. My perfect almost-Mother’s Day.

I got to spend the entire day doing what I wanted, when I wanted, and at the pace I wanted.

I got to spend the day with the husband, who is gone working all to frequently; got an entire day of his smiles, jokes, and special dances.

I got to spend a beautiful day in the sun, with a dog who behaved (a miracle!) and a baby who will someday be able to admire the view from outside my middle instead of from within.

I got my relaxed, fun day that managed to somehow be all about me, without ever being about me.

It was perfect.