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Awhile ago, I wrote about what I *thought* I might do as a parent, knowing it was all apt to change once I actually became one… So now, with one week of experience behind me, how am I doing? Let’s see…

  • Breastfeeding – Yes. I had some worried about this one – have read/heard horror stories about cracked nipples and incredible pain, low/no supply, etc etc. I was prepared for it to not work, despite the fact that my mom assured me that she had been a champion breastfeeder (or as she put it, “I never had to pump – I’d nurse the baby on one side and hold a bottle under the other, and it would fill right up! That’s how much milk I had!”) … Turns out, genetics for the win! Breastfeeding has been going incredibly well, the only hitch being- yup – oversupply. I, too, seem to be leaking bottles of milk a day (and how many shirts did I have to change yesterday? I lost count…) The downside to this? Baby M loooooves the boob (YAY!) and haaaaaaaates anything else – bottles, pacifiers, etc. Which – not so bad, right? Except – I have to be away for 3 days next week (just during the day, for job orientation, can’t be missed) and so… Hmmmm… We’ll see how THAT goes. (I’ve been trying to pump and give her one bottle a day, just to get her used to it, but so far it’s a no go)
  • Work – well… it’s been a week. So, yeah. Not yet. I have orientation next week for 3 days and then another 7ish weeks off… Taking things one day at a time, and we’ll have to see how next week plays out.
  • Pumping – along with breastfeeding, this has been a breeze. 4oz in 10 minutes (both boobs at once)? Sure thing!
  • Cloth diapers – not yet. We did one diaper, once. It worked just fine, but… it’s still a bit big, M’s little umbilical stump still hasn’t fallen off, and well… I’m just anxious about this one. I want to give it my best shot, which I know is not now, when I’m worried about the stump, the fact that the diapers are seemingly the same size as the baby, etc etc. SO – we’re waiting for now. Will try again soon…
  • Sleep – now, this is the big one. We have a nursery with a crib and a daybed (for guests or sleepy mommy naps). We have a bassinet bed thingy in our bedroom. And baby M? Sleeps like a champ in either during the day (she’s on a great 2-2.5 hour schedule – nap, eat, change, play for a few minutes, nap again…) but NOT at night. Nuh uh. Not at all. For the first few nights, she was permanently attached to the boob (we’re talking asking to eat every 30 minutes)… More recently, it’s been about every 1 hour. Which – yeah. Not so much with the whole sleeping thing, in either location… And I hate putting her down, lying down myself, only to have to get up 15-20 minutes later, waking the husband up each time (he’s back to work now, and as baby only wants boob, is not getting up with us… Though he *does* wake up enough to announce it each time she poops in the middle of the night, as it is still quite a loud and shocking sound) Last night, I finally found a sleep solution – ending up sleeping with her on my chest (not boob! just lying on my chest!) as I sat in the nursing chair in her nursery… NOT an ideal solution, but it actually allowed me to get quite a bit of sleep last night. I never planned to co-sleep (and we won’t in our bed – we have a dog who still loves to jump up on it and think of it as his territory…) and hope to wean her of this behavior soon enough, but for now, I’m taking what sleep I can get…
  • Sleep training – yes, please! I know she is too little now, but as soon as we can, we’re gonna be working with this little one on letting mommy sleep in her own bed again!
  • Reading – haha, at the moment, it’s more her nursing while I curl up with a good book. I’ve read some chapters of whatever I’m reading out loud to her a few times… 🙂
  • Working out – obviously not yet, as it’s only been a week and I had a c-section… That being said, I am feeling GREAT and have been out and walking (short distances) every day since I got home, and I *did* leave the hospital a day early, since both M and I were doing so well… So I have high hopes for this one! (AND our building is putting in a gym this summer! SWEET!)
  • Outside – yes! We’ve been getting out daily for short walks, not much yet but as she grows I plan for more!
  • Mom friends – hmmmm… Not so much yet (but we’re still mostly at home) … BUT! I did just find out two of my non-mom friends (i.e. people I am already friends with, who do not yet have children) are pregnant!!! (And both due this year in Nov/Dec, so babies will be somewhat similar in age) So I’m excited to have some friends who I can share this experience with…
  • Stress – I am basically a chill person, and most people couldn’t believe how relaxed I was throughout the pregnancy… Thus far, that’s continuing! (Except I *do* freak out when the husband wants to lie with the baby AND the dog  in our bed … Sorry, but I have to draw the line somewhere, and she’s only a week old without a mature immune system, so no! Also, the dog, while he’s adjusted well to the baby and seems very protective of her, is about 8X her size and weight at the moment, and can still get super excited without notice – so visions of him stepping on her *do* flash across my mind from time to time!)

So yeah, that’s about where I am right now! 🙂


I just read this, and it summed up exactly what I often feel, and can’t put into words. Perfect.