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I’ve always been more of a morning person, and recently, have been unable to sleep past 6am… This is a combination of light, internal timing, and pregnancy (I think). But for the past two days? 4-frickin’-AM! WTF?!?!?!

I mean, it’s not like I’m gonna be losing any sleep in the near future with the advent of a new little baby, right? Oh, wait…

Sure, I love me me-time in the early morning – it’s been wonderful to have the apartment virtually to myself (sleeping husband and dog isn’t exactly real lively company) to relax and slowly develop a morning routine (check email, read through blog posts, check facebook, enjoy a leisurely breakfast, read a few chapters in a book…) This is definitely one of the best parts of my day, and I’m loving that I have this time (for the past 2 years, seeing 6AM was also routine, but I was typically already at work – or on my way there! – at this time…) – it will be hard to give up in just a few months when I do have to return to the working world. But there is a difference between a nice, relaxing early morning and a “why-the-f*ck-am-I-up-so-early” one. 4AM vs. 6AM, if you will.

Because it is now 6AM, I have a good 1.5hours til anyone else around these parts is awake, aaaaaaand… I’m done. All my relaxing early morning reading, finished. I also included the bonus of requesting more books from the library. And catching up on all my emails. So… now what?

Sure, it’s not such a terrible dilemma. But… I *do* wish I could have one really good sleep-in before baby girl comes home, because I know it won’t be happening for a good few years after she does!

Ah, well. Off to read some more (another thing I’m loving about this time – knowing it will likely soon be gone for a very long time, I have immensely enjoyed my reading time, and have been devouring books aplenty, both new delights and old favorites!)


In the past few weeks, everything has changed… My easy pregnancy, while still easy by pretty much anyone’s standards, has decided to take a stand and say “I may be easy, but I am still a damn PREGNANCY, lady!”  Which means that I have finally slowed down (no more carrying mattresses home from IKEA for me while bystanders look on in dismay! … But I was only, oh, 7 months pregnant then) … Still have the carpal tunnel (and I have a new appreciation for thumbs!), have perhaps started to waddle, and with the recent onset of actual summer weather, I now have (slightly) swollen hands and feet. Oh, yes! The joys of being pregnant!

Not that I am complaining, oh no! And really, what do I have to complain about? Like I said, EASY pregnancy. I am extremely LUCKY, and I know it! But just because in this heat I am trying to stay indoors and drink as much water as possible, which means that, yes, I *do* get slightly bored on occasion, let’s go through the “typical” or “not so uncommon” pregnancy symptoms, and whether or not I’ve had the joy of their experience (also so I can look back when my brain has been fogged by new baby bliss, and actually remember!)

FIRST TRIMESTER/Early pregnancy symptoms:

The “duh, of course” ones:

  • Missed or altered period
  • Positive pregnancy test results

The “yes, indeed!” ones:

  • Just a “feeling” you are pregnant (this was my very first sign, as this wasn’t an entirely intentional pregnancy, and yet I just couldn’t shake the feeling…)
  • Fatigue (Oh my, YES! There was a month there I was sleeping 10+ hours a night and still needing 2 hour naps in the afternoon! … Overall, this lasted perhaps 1.5-2 months?)
  • Morning Sickness/Nausea and vomiting (Oddly enough, I was never nauseous – but I DID vomit… Just went straight for the money, I guess. Not always in the morning, but more freqently then. I’d say I was vomiting 2-3 times per week for maybe 2-3 months? Usually only once a day, and felt fine right before and fine right after… Not the most pleasant of times, but not horrible, either)
  • Food aversions (For a coffee-monster like me, it was definitely odd to not only not be drinking coffee, but to not be WANTING it, either!)

The “uh, maybe?!?!” ones:

  • Frequent Urination (Indeed, I was peeing a lot during this time. I was also drinking a LOT more water than usual – a combination of wanting to be sure I was well hydrated, a rotation that allowed me to carry along a water bottle, and well, a rotation that was b-o-r-i-n-g so drinking water was actually something (fun? ish?) to do… So I’m not sure if it was the pregnancy, the water, or a combination of the two)
  • Lower back pain (Well, yes. But I also have chronic lower back pain from an injury. So… perhaps not?)

The “nope, not so much” ones:

  • Breast Tenderness (Sorry, nope. No different than what happens when I normally get my period)
  • Dizziness or fainting (No. Just no.)
  • Food cravings (Nope. This is one that seems to be of interest to many people, as I am a vegetarian of long-standing, and before getting pregnant kept hearing “you’ll want meat when you’re pregnant! just you wait!” and now, when pregnant, have people asking “soooo… do you crave meat?” The answer – no. No, I don’t. And didn’t. If I *DID*, I would eat it – I do believe in listening to your body! – but I never did. No cravings at all… Well, none beyond the typical seasonal ones – I was eating a lot more soup in the winter, am eating a lot more fresh fruits now that it’s warm. But that’s normal for me, so not exactly a pregnancy symptom!)
  • Sensitivity to Aromas (Not that I’ve noticed…)
  • Heartburn and constipation (Thankfully no! Not AT ALL, throughout the entire 9ish months! WOOHOO!)
  • Mood swings and irritability (I don’t think so. No one has said anything, including my husband. But you’ll have to ask him to be 100% sure 😉
  • Higher than normal body temperature (Can’t say I actually took my temperature, so I have no idea…)
  • Discharge (Nope)
  • Implantation bleeding (Again, nope)
  • Bloating and weight gain (No bloating, and no more weight gain than is to be expected while growing a baby!)



This is usually thought to be the easiest trimester, and indeed, it was for me! Not that the first was bad – other than the raging sleepiness, I really did breeze through! – but this one? Was AWESOME. Other than an itty-bitty baby belly (that no one even noticed til I was 7 months along!) it was hard to tell I was pregnant (I mean, physically. Mentally and emotionally? OF COURSE I knew!)

The few “symptoms” I had:

  • End of morning sickness (Yup – I DID stop vomiting! YAY!)
  • Breast changes (I’ll give myself this one, they did get a bit bigger and become a tiny bit more sensitive)
  • Nosebleeds and Bleeding Gums (No nosebleeds, but yes, bleeding gums. Not badly, but some…)

And the “Nope! Not me!” ones:

  • Back pain (Amazingly, pregnancy has helped relieve a lot of my chronic back pain – all the hormones help loosen up your ligaments and tendons, and my pain has gone WAY down! YAY for unexpected side effect!!!)
  • Pelvic ache/Hip pain (Nope)
  • Stretch marks/Skin changes (Luckily, no!)
  • Constipation and Hemorrhoids (Again, very luckily – and thankfully- no!)
  • Carpal Tunnel (Not during the 2nd trimester!)
  • Yeast infections/UTIs (Something women are more prone to in pregnancy… Luckily, I have NEVER been prone to either, and continued that trend throughout! YAY!)


THIRD TRIMESTER (where I am now!)

The “yes, indeed!” symptoms:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (This showed up a little while ago now, so will have been present for the last, oh 6 weeks of this pregnancy? ANNOYING!)
  • Pelvic ache and hip pain (I’m torn about whether I really have this or not; if I walk for too long, then yes, the baby’s head on my pelvis is uncomfortable. And every other night or so, I wake up and find that one of my hips aches – but moving it, even just a little, relieves the ache. So… sort of. I guess.)
  • Difficulty Sleeping (Another “sort of” – I am not fatigued, but have no trouble falling asleep. It’s just that once asleep, I am waking up every 2-3 hours, all night long. For the past, oh, 3 weeks or so? Largely due to the above symptoms – carpal tunnel and occasional hip ache – and the one below – frequent urination. But really it’s not too bad – I wake up, shift around or go pee, lie back down, and fall back asleep. I am not over-tired, do not feel like I am missing my rest, etc etc. So, yes, I do have difficulty sleeping, but no, it’s not affecting me in any adverse way. I’m told these frequent awakenings are good prep for life with baby, and that’s what I’m hoping for!)
  • Frequent Urination (Yes. Just yes.)
  • Vaginal Discharge (Annoyingly, yes)
  • Swelling (This was a no until a few days ago, when the weather turned. Now it is a yes. Hands and feet. Ugh)


The “eh, maybe?!?!” symptoms:

  • Braxton Hicks contractions (I have periods when my uterus definitely tightens – and I can feel it! – but no pain/cramping/etc. And these have been going on quite awhile – I remember them as early as early April – and I’m just not sure if they are Braxton Hicks or something else. Whatever they are, they are not painful, or annoying, or worrisome, so… eh)
  • Shortness of Breath (I haven’t noticed this, particularly – it hasn’t bothered me – but my husband has pointed out on occasion “wow, you are really breathing heavily!”)


The “nope, nuh uh” symptoms:

  • Fatigue (Not even with the disrupted sleep!)
  • Back pain (Still much better than pre-pregnancy! YAY!)
  • Constipation and Hemorrhoids (Still in the clear, WOOHOO!)
  • Heartburn (Nope!)
  • Spider veins or varicose veins (Nuh uh!)


And that, folks, is the list of the symptoms I do – and do not – have! So you can see – all in all, a fairly easy journey from “twinkle-in-your-eye” to “she’s-so-adorable!” (hopefully!)


Countdown is now 5 days til we meet the baby girl!!!


Reading this post got me to thinking today… about my “parenting style”

I’ll just say right up front: I don’t have one. Yet. (Since I’m not a parent. Yet.)

What I do have, of course, is a plan… And we all know how those go. But anyways, just to lay it out, so I can look back later and laugh and laugh and laugh:

I plan to do what is best for me and for my baby, whatever that may be.

I plan to figure that out as we go along, and try not to fall into the trap of one dogma or another -rather, to take what works from wherever is comes from, and use it. Or not, if it doesn’t work for me.

I plan to ask for advice from everyone around, listen carefully, and then use what works – and ignore what doesn’t.

I also plan to ask for help from whomever is offering (and this one might just be the toughest, as I am sooooo bad at asking for help… But I know I am going to need it, and so I know I must make the conscious effort to do this!)

Oh, but specifics?

I don’t actually have a lot of those…

I plan to try to breastfeed, and to do it for as long as possible, if it works for me and my baby (but NOT until Kindergarten, you can be sure of that!)

I plan to go back to work (or rather, to start work, since baby arrives nicely packed in between graduation and starting the rest of my career) after 6-8 weeks (depends more on when baby arrives, and less on start date of work) … And then manage life one day at a time, seeing what works best for us.

I plan to pump at work, should I still be breastfeeding (and I do really hope I am…) – and I plan to stick up for my right to do this!

I plan to try both disposable and cloth diapers, and again, see what works best for us (and this may depend on daycare, as well…)

I plan for baby to sleep in our room (but not in our bed) for 3-4 months … but I’m willing to be flexible.

I plan to try to sleep-train baby as early as possible, just for my own sanity.

I plan to read to my baby as much as possible, since this is something I enjoy myself so much.

I plan to try to work out as soon as I am given leave to – and to use this time effectively as some “alone time” but also, conversely, as time to share with our first baby (the puppy)

I plan to get outside as much as I can

I plan to try to meet other moms in the area, and make friends with them (this is more of a hope…)

And most of all, I plan to (try to) not stress out. To not worry about the choices I am making. To trust that they are the right ones, for me.

Oh, and I also plan to try not to judge others for the choices they make. At least, not out loud.